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Earthquake Brace + Bolt Down Program: A brief explanation of your next retrofit with Dynasty Builders Inc.


Dynasty Builders "the Experts in seismic Retrofit!"

Earthquake retrofitting a home is done to prevent displacement from the structure's concrete foundation. This makes a building safer and less likely to suffer damage during an earthquake. Homes need to be retrofitted because construction techniques have greatly improved and the effects of earthquakes on structures are better understood now than when most homes were built. While there is no such thing as a standard cost for earthquake retrofitting a home, the average price is usually about 1 to 3 percent of the home's cost. Larger homes, those built on hillsides, and those with basements or rooms over garages will typically cost more to retrofit. Are you ready to commit to the safety of your home? If so, call us today for an estimate quote & receive a signed certificate form stating your home has been retrofitted per LA Standard plan 1 upon completion from Dynasty Builders Inc.

Step 1: Your first step is calling for a FREE thorough and accurate assessment of your house/building and it’s current foundation

Step 2: We will assign a trained professional to visit your residence and follow the EBB program's guidelines to provide your home with an accurate estimate

Step 3: You will receive your FREE Quote at a quickly matter via email

It’s not worth the risk. Seismic retrofitting should not be treated as an option. We can give you an inspection and an estimate and you may be surprised at the cost. Earthquake retrofitting costs a lot less then major construction needed after a structural failure from a ground shifting event.


From step one to completion, our team of earthquake experts will guide you through your Earthquake Brace and Bolt project. All required documentation, permits, paperwork and submissions needed to process your rebate are handled by us, guiding you from step-to-step to insure a successful program. A streamlined process that saves you time and gets your rebate processed efficiently.

If you been accepted into the EBB Program or CEA BB Program, or simply want to strengthen the structure of your home...Call us today to set up a FREE EBB estimate.


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